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Formerly Leeward Publishers, we are now simply Indie Book Sales hosted by Jackie Lee. We are starting with two authors – Art Lee and Victor Treutel.

Art Lee is my ‘better half’ who has written 9 exciting mysteries as the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series, another novel telling the story of a young couple trying to form a life within the Mafia, and an 11th novel about the rescue of a young man from the depths of Africa and the blood diamond trade.

Victor Treutel has written a delightful trilogy about two young lovers whose life together seems to be forever impossible.  He and his wife Gayle have since written a thoughtful book on improving romantic relationships.

Now we are opening up our website to other authors who offer fiction or entertaining memoirs. All books are linked to one or more of the online booksellers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo for purchasing.

We provide quality books.  We are looking for independent authors of quality fiction – mystery, drama, comedy, contemporary fiction, crime fiction, and adventure – and light, humorous memoirs.  Our books are meant for your entertainment, and the story is the primary feature.  Although fiction books often include some sexual content and some violence, we discourage excessive eroticism and graphic violence.

To discuss the possibility of showing your books on our website, contact Jackie Lee at admin@indiebooksales.com.

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