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Art LeeOur first author, Arthur Lee, is producing a series of mystery novels each based on his real life experiences. Each fictional character in these novels is fashioned from real characters the author has met over the years. And how did the author meet these people and experience what he writes about?

Art (which he prefers rather than Arthur), being of Irish/English descent, was raised in a tough Italian neighborhood of Northern New Jersey, just twenty minutes from Manhattan Island. As a teenager he joined a street gang and was headed for a life in prison except for the fact that he joined the U. S. Air Force, a move that got him out of the gang life.

A bite from one of Viet Nam’s most deadly snakes almost cost Art his right leg. From Viet Nam he was transferred to Europe and finished his tour of duty in England. Rather than return to his New Jersey neighborhood and previous life, Art chose to be discharged in England where he lived – in London – for the next two years.

In London he worked as a Licensed Private Investigator. He came in close contact with many of Europe’s criminal underworld. A short stint as a contract soldier for the South African Defense Force, during which he took part in several battles against Cubans training terrorists in Southern Africa, brought him in close contact with professional mercenaries.

Returning to the States, Art lived and worked in New York City. He worked as a field agent for a Private Detective Agency in Manhattan. There he came to know even more criminals to base his characters on.

Art soon moved to California where he worked as a County Investigator for many years. Marriage and a desire to be self-employed brought Art to Portland, Oregon where he became an independent Licensed Private Investigator, specializing in Criminal Cases and Missing Persons. He took assignments as an Independent Contractor for various Federal Law Enforcement Agencies working as an undercover operative.

Art is now retired and uses his 40+ years of experiences to weave together novels of suspense readers find hard to put down once started. The mystery, suspense and plot twists are all a result of his life’s experiences. He finds the characters easy to develop because they are based on real life characters, even down to what they look like and how they dress.

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