How to Love a Hero and Leave a Zero

Book Cover: Soulmates My Ass
Editions:eBook: $ 3.99
ISBN: 1542813891
Pages: 167
Paperback: $ 12.99
ISBN: 978-1542813891
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 218

Soulmates My Ass by Victor Treutel.

Soulmates My Ass is a relationship how-to book that could change your life for the better, written by a modern couple who have learned and put into practice the elements of a great and lasting relationship. If you are in a love relationship that is not what you want it to be, and you don't know what to do to make things better, this book is
for you.

The baby boomer generation changed relationship history. Boomers took a two thousand year standard in what a relationship was and how the roles were played and mutilated it into a one-size can't possibly fit any relationship, let alone all.
Although boomers didn't create divorce, they made it mainstream by making divorce the answer to every relationship issue. They showed their children how NOT to love, how NOT to respect, how NOT to tolerate, and how NOT to be happy.  Boomers showed them how to give up and get out.

Soulmates My Ass is the first book written for baby boomer's children. If you are a boomer,you've probably already destroyed numerous relationships out of ignorance,because you thought history was all you needed to be married  happily-ever-after. It might be too late for boomers, but for their children and childrenís children, there is hope, a utopia, and a panacea, of how to love your life and extend that love into a healthy and happy relationship.

Whether you are straight or gay, Soulmates My Ass will teach you how to craft your current, or future relationship into one that will work for you and your partner. A relationship that can enhance your life,and lifestyle. A relationship that can grow with you. A relationship that you can embrace, and be embraced by. A relationship that others will envy.
Soulmates My Ass will teach you how to create a relationship that will be strengthened during life's struggles, not implode. Soulmates My Ass will teach you how to love your partner unconditionally, and how to communicate in order to solve any challenges.
Soulmates My Ass will teach you how to let your relationship make you a better person, and it will also teach
you how to identify and run away from a doomed relationship.Soulmates My Ass is the relationship guide for you and especially the "next" generations.
Publisher: Maracas
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Reviews:LSimage on Amazon wrote:

Great title. Great conversation.

I love the title! Clearly it was enough to catch my attention. And, who of us has not had that very same thought - for ourselves or others? Fortunately, the conversation inside did not disappoint. It was like sitting with your best friends over a glass (or glasses) of wine and sharing the realities of life and love. Victor and Gayle have obviously come through some rather tough times and emerged stronger, together. It was fun, touching and telling all at once. I found myself not wanting to put it down and, ultimately, not wanting the conversation to end. While some of their advice did not match my own, I left the conversation feeling grateful to them for sharing their experience, their insights and their love, and wanting to pull out my calendar to book our next visit.


Lora Linville on Amazon wrote:

Thoroughly enjoyed their insight and positive suggestions on everyday life. There are many good tips that are easy to incorporate into your life that can make a huge impact on your relationship. It is very refreshing to read about a great marriage. And of course the catchy title reels you in!


kathi belich on Amazon wrote:

They are the real deal.

Refreshingly honest. Remarkably open. Real love.


Dawn Scheel on Amazon wrote:

Five Stars

Thought provoking.


Randy on Amazon wrote:

Two Thumbs Up!!!!

What a wonderful book of life lessons and relationship advice! From what to look for, what to run away from and what to work on. Would highly recommend this book to anyone!


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