Book Cover: The Castle: Book Two of the Sea Grape Trilogy
Editions:eBook: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-0-9828617-9-0
Pages: 192

The Castle: Book Two of the Sea Grape Trilogy by Victor Treutel.

In Part One of the Sea Grape Trilogy we learned that Caroline Smith is a young woman living under the rule of an abusive father who is the Catholic mayor of Boston. She has fallen deeply in love with Joseph, a young Jewish boy whom Carolineís father, a Catholic, cannot accept. Carolineís abusive father sends her away to a medieval castle in the heart of Germany, where she discovers an ancient secret buried deep in its catacomb labyrinth. Ghosts haunt Caroline and lead her to some truths behind the secret.

Madame, the ancestor of the secret, has promised Carolineís father to lock her away in order to protect his political dynasty from her forbidden love affair. An American private eye, tasked with keeping tabs on her is once again distracted, giving Caroline an opportunity to uncover the secret that has been hidden for three centuries.

Victor Treutel vibrantly ushers you through time, from the castleís modern day inhabitants to their seventeenth century ancestors and the ghosts they left behind. THE CASTLE, book two of The Sea Grape Trilogy, will take you away to a time filled with incredible lives and heartbreaking secrets, as the extraordinary characters struggle to forgive, but never forget.

Publisher: Maracas
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Reviews:Gailygirl on Amazon wrote:

Great transition to Germany

The Castle was a wonderful read and, once again, the author provides us with twists and turns.
This time we are treated to some possibly supernatural connections (or are they?) that had me intrigued. The introduction of new and fascinating characters that move the plot along in a very exciting way, left me wanting so much more when I finished the book. I eagerly look forward to reading the final book in the trilogy.


Kelly B Brown on Amazon wrote:

Memories! Ich Hab Mein Hertz in Heidelberg Verloren

I love The Sea Grape Trilogy! Especially The Castle. It brought back memories of growing up in Heidelberg where The Castle takes place. The story is great; suspense and love all wrapped up in learning/reviewing the German language! The characters are well developed and each unique!

I started the third book and it's great so far!!


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