New Indie Book Sales Authors

Tamala ColemanTamala Coleman Added to Indie Book Sales on June 21, 2018.  Tamala J. Coleman is an Author, Playwright, and Screenwriter. She has written several kinds of books: Devotionals, Poetry, books for children, and the inspirational, “Woman In The Mirror.”  A willing and available vessel, Tamala believes in daily meditation and prayer, so that God can direct and guide her as she uses her gifts and talents to inspire and encourage others. See more about Tamala and her books at


Tia Truthteller PhotoTia Truthteller:  Added to Indie Book Sales on January 30, 2018.  Tia Truthteller is a wife and mom who is committed to supporting modern young women with traditional values. Her mission is to share her personal relationship “truths” so you can date to get the committed relationship you crave.  See more about Tia and her books at



Renee TopperReneé Topper:  Added to Indie Book Sales on January 14, 2018.  Reneé Topper has always been a storyteller, and her craft has taken many forms. She founded Story Matter as a creative lab in 2011. There, she leads a strategic effort to generate stories that are mindful and meaningful, stories that matter. Her approach also is scientific by first identifying problems, then honing in on the source of those problems to raise awareness and inspire solutions.   Find more information on Story Matter at