Renée Topper

Renée Topper is a creative producer and an award-winning, bestselling author. As a storyteller, she’s crafted for the big screen, the little screen, books, the stage, in speeches, press, marketing and advertising communications. She is especially compelled to create and share stories that examine the human condition and have a positive impact. Topper has helped shape and tell stories for individuals and brands including Buzz Aldrin, Time Warner, Comcast, Toyota, Lexicon, JBL, DuPont, Smith Barney, The Outlaw Comedy Fund and more.

Topper says she has always been a storyteller, and her craft has taken many forms. She founded Story Matter as a creative lab in 2011. There, she leads a strategic effort to generate stories that are mindful and meaningful, stories that matter. Her approach is scientific, by first identifying problems, then honing in on the source of those problems to raise awareness and inspire solutions.

She welcomes reviews and encourages readers to sign up for the Story Matter mailing list for quarterly updates, bonus content and more. Visit for more information.




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