Victor Treutel

Victor Treutel (pronounced “troy-tle”) wrote THE SEA GRAPE Trilogoy on the beaches of Florida, sailing the Caribbean Ocean, in the Mountains of North Carolina, and amongst the ancient castles of Germany. Victor has lived throughout the United States and Europe and travels extensively throughout the world. He is an avid storyteller and enjoys keeping friends entertained for hours telling stories that no one really knows are true or not.

Victor has worked in technology all of his professional career; he was a corporate executive with a Silicon Valley startup, writes software in multiple computer languages, has authored numerous technology industry publications, wrote software for the Walt Disney Company and dozens of other corporations, but mostly loves telling stories. He is a golfer, scuba diver and bicyclist.

Victor grew up an “Army Brat” actually graduating from high school in Heidelberg, Germany. He is married and lives in Florida.

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