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Having a stressful day?  Take a peaceful, 4-minute musical vacation to The Grand Canyon, read a silly joke, or watch an inspiring video to calm your nerves here at Indie Book Sales.  Then put our ever evolving site in your Favorites so you can come back whenever you need a break.

While you are here, take a look at our entertaining books by Independent Authors.  You can preview the first couple chapters as presented by Amazon.

We used to be Leeward Publishers, but after 7 years of publishing, we decided to retire and go casual.

Indie Book Sales is a place where Independent Authors can share their books with readers who are looking for something different – something besides the same old highly advertised books by major publishers.  In this website, we CELEBRATE our Independence.  There are hundreds of talented, creative writers who are hard to find on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and hopefully you will find many of them right here.

Once you see what we are all about, we hope you will come to visit frequently to seeIndie Book Sales what new author or getaway minute we have added.

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